The famous LeJay Manual in PDF format. Nowhere else will you find this version - all 43 pages have been enlarged 200% for better readability. The original paper manual's plans could be very difficult to read because of the tiny print and illustrations. This reprint edition is in Adobe PDF format, viewable on all PC and Mac systems. Viewable with the free Adobe Reader. Just print out the pages as needed. View even the tiniest details up close! Don't settle for poor quality Xerox copies - these black out lots of important details.

In the 1930's the LeJay Mfg. Co. in Minneapolis began publishing a booklet describing unusual electrical projects. As new editions came out, new plans were added until by 1945 there were 50 separate "chapters".
Most of the articles in this edition deal with the conversion of now-antique auto generators into 110 volt
alternators, other voltage generators and motors. A lot of this info was used in areas of the country that hadn't been electrified. You could buy old generators from auto junk yards, build a windmill, repair old auto batteries, and use the electricity to run homebuilt motors, welders and so on.

Much of the information in this manual is now of limited value simply because you can't get the generators listed. But the rewinding data, hints and tips provided can help you in other rewinding projects for other types of generators.

There ARE several projects in this booklet each of which is worth the entire price of the publication. For instance, you can build a small but useful spot welder powered by nothing more than a string of auto batteries. You get plans for an arc welder, a transformer spot welder, a carbon-arc torch, electric bicycle, a water wheel, a windmill and more. Each plan is well illustrated. This is a manual worth having in your reference library.


1. Plans for 110 Volt AC Light Plant made from Ford Model "T" Generator

3. A 6 Volt Slow Speed Generator (with plans for all-metal windmill)

4. 6 Volt & 12 Volt Slow Speed Generators from Dodge "G" or "GA" Northeast Generator also from other Generators
5. A 32 volt slow speed wind light Plant Generator
7. How to Make a Grinder, Series Motor, Constant Speed Motor, A Universal AC or DC Motor and a Soldering Iron
8. A 75 to 110 Ampere Arc Welder Made from Dodge "G" or "GA" Generator. Also Dual Welders.
9. Pendulum Type Fence Controller made from Ford "T" Coil
10. Plans for Building a Complete Wind Light Plant Including Tower, Propeller and Generator Charger
11. A 110 Volt AC Light Plant Generator
12. A "B" Eliminator For Your Battery Operated Radio
13. An Automobile Generator Booster Control
18. Directions for Repairing Your Own Batteries
19. A Water Wheel Made from Old Automobile Wheel
20.An Electric Outboard Motor from Old Ford "T" Generator
21. A Gas Engine or Motor Driven Generator with Drawings in Detail
22. An Armature Growler for Testing Auto or Slow Speed Armatures
29. A 110 V. or 220 VAC Portable Transformer for Arc Welding
30. A 110 Volt Spot Welder &emdash; 1 Kw. Input Normal Draw 10 to 11 Amps
31. A Direct Drive 32 Volt Wind Plant &endash; All Metal Construction
32. A Battery Spot Welder
43. Two Types 110 Volt AC Insect Exterminators
44. An Electric Scooter Using a 6 or 12 volt Battery for Power
45. An Electric "Go Bike" Using a 6 or 12 volt Battery for Power
46. A Carbon Electrode Holder for Soldering, Brazing and Light Welding Direct from Six-volt Storage Batteries
48. 110 Volt AC 500 Watt Self Excited Generator from Dodge Model "G" or "GA" generator
50. An AC Welding Transformer Using Dodge Generator Coils
Appendix: Windpower Information, Definitions, etc.
$9.99 (download only)
Lejay Manual